Nigerian Digital Primary Healthcare Network (NDPHCN)

Thousands of Nigerians die daily due to the consequences of running a paper based healthcare system. 90% of healthcare organisations in Nigeria including the Primary Healthcare Facilities do not use technology as a line of business tool daily. This has resulted in a fragmented healthcare system, inefficiencies, medical errors, lack of access to medical records when required,etc, and ultimately the poor healthcare statistics of our country and continent.

The Nigerian Digital Primary Healthcare Network (NDPHCN) is a digital healthcare platform that digitises all forms of provider organisations such as hospitals/clinics (primary, secondary, or tertiary), pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centres, blood banks, etc as well as health insurance organisations either state-owned or private HMOs. These are then interconnected to form a  digital primary healthcare network with the patient/citizen connected at the centre through various interfaces such as voice, SMS, USSD, Chat, WhatsApp, Mobile app, and Web apps etc.

This organisation allows us to overcome the fragmentations and unlock the value that is inherent in collaborative care across the ecosystem which would in turn form a key leverage for healthcare system strengthening in resource-constrained settings such as ours. It also has implications for disease surveillance and early warning systems driven by a 360-degree awareness of the healthcare ecosystem. The network is also able to push data directly into the National health Information Management Syste (NHIMS) via DHIS2 interface, thus reducing the data load on the healthcare worker at the primary healthcare facility.  It will also facilitate the easy referral system within primary healthcare centers as well as to secondary healthcare centers in a hub and spoke manner. It will provide a facility led telemedicine service to serve both the primary healtchare center clients as well as for supervisory assistance by an external remote medical expert.

The Nigerian Digital Primary Healthcare Network (NDPHCN) provides digital tools that make it easier for patients to access healthcare services, regardless of their location.The Nigerian Digital Primary Healthcare Network (NDPHCN) technology streamlines various healthcare providers operations and  processes to deliver high quality care  within the healthcare system, such as telemedicine capabilities ,appointment scheduling, medical record-keeping, and payments, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers.

The citizens have interfaces with the network using voice, SMS, USSD, Chat, WhatsApp, Mobile app, and Web apps etc. With these they can have access to their medical records, enabling them to take a more proactive role in their own health. 

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