Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Healthcare without the headaches

Easy to setup – Start using withing 10 mins of onboarding

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Connect with other healthcare organizations and exchange data seamlessly

Improve patient satisfaction by offering convenience

See more patients in less time

Expand your reach beyond geographical boundaries

Reduce administrative costs

Increase revenue

Africa's No. 1 Digital Healthcare Platform

Healthstack helps healthcare organizations leverage technology to become more profitable and increase productivity while improving the quality of care and service to their clients and delighting them.

Accelerate your organization’s adoption of digital health at almost Zero cost.

Transform your healthcare organization today!

Creating Joyful Healthcare Experiences with Technology

Transform your health organisation with our simple digital health solution suite.

  • Offer exceptional quality healthcare services to your clients.
  • Improve your organisation productivity, efficiency and profitability.
  • Connect to your collaborative partners and clients on a digital network and exchange information securely.
  • Do more with less!
  • Increase your revenue, while reducing expenses.

Our Solution

Healthstack is a digital health platform aimed at creating and strengthening a resilient pandemic-proof healthcare system for Africa. It provides a Digital Healthcare Platform as a Service (DHPaaS) to healthcare organizations, providing simple, low-cost, and intelligent hybrid cloud-based digital tools to perform robust healthcare services and interactions between healthcare providers and their clients easily using digital technology.

It offers a hybrid cloud-based client centric longitudinal electronic medical records. It has embedded facility-led telemedicine solutions supporting the continuation of care to existing and new clientele.  It allows for  interconnection with third-party collaborators such as Hospitals, Clinics, HMOs, Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Diagnostic facilities. It also offers tools for financial and inventory management.

Healthstack enables your organization to be part of an intelliegent digital healthcare network, so you can provide Africans with seamless joyful healthcare experiences. This network has the potential to provide a biosecurity shield that can  impact disease transmission and surveillance, providing early warning notification thus keeping everyone safe, especially in light of pandemics and epidermics that know no boundaries or timing .

Healthstack supports clinical data acquisition and research as well as health system strengthening capabilities.

Ultimately, Healthstack helps your healthcare organizations offer digital client-centric care while being efficient and improving their profitability. 

Why Choose Us

Healthcare, without the headaches

Our Digital Healthcare platform keeps you at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery.

Offer TeleHealth Service

Remain competitive in this digital age with our healthcare professional led telehealth solution. Have hassle-free consultations with your clients via video call, voice call or chat, and eliminate the logistical limitations associated with providing in-person care alone. No matter your profession you can offer telehealth service on Healthstack.

Hospitals and Clinics

We provide a comprehensive suite of technology solutions dedicated to managing every aspect of healthcare delivery, from electronic medical records and telemedicine, to administration and financial management.


Our secure, PHIPA-compliant pharmacy care platform empowers pharmacies to deliver a greater patient experience at scale. Offer clinical pharmacy services, get direct electronic prescription from collaborating clients, deliver drugs at home for clients, benefit from managed care payments, offer telepharmacy services, get decision support on drug-drug interactions etc 

Medical Laboratory

A complete solution for Diagnostic centers/ Pathology Laboratories to manage their work flows and also to enable them to directly receive on-line Test Orders from External Agencies such as Physicians, Hospitals etc., and to send Test Reports back to them.

Health Insurance:HMO/Payer Orgs

With our managed care module, you have real time insight to providers engagement with your clients. Know when the client check-in in realtime. Access documentation and claims in real time. Providers can only bill what is your contract. Pay Providers faster, get insight to aggregrated utlization data, apply AI for trends,  predictive analysis and fraud integration all on the same platform your provider is using. Improve transparency and trust. Save Money! Improve your lead generation efforts. Stretch your marketing budget for increased ROI.

Government and Healthcare Chains

We provide a comprehensive suite of technology solutions dedicated to managing every aspect of healthcare delivery across your value chain. View aggregated information, DHIS2 connections. Design your dashboard and get notification for disease survellienace at facility level via our digital epidemiology module. Be proactive not reactive with outbreaks. 

Healthcare Startups

Leverage our digital health infrastructure and build better experiences, offer unique services, scale easily. Do not reinvent the wheel. The market ultimately is more important than the technology. Focus on your strength and leverage the platform to build your dreams faster! Get to revenue generation faster.

A friendlier healthcare experience.

We’re changing the way healthcare is provided

We give you all the tools—from clinical decisioning support and telemedicine, to administration and financial management—necessary for the delivery of world-class healthcare to your patients, no matter your location and connectivity limitations.

Your facility's total operating system

Our platform provides the technology infrastructure, services, and support that allows private, secure, HIPAA-compliant, and high-quality digital healthcare

Trusted medical billing technology

Maximize revenue collection and minimize your back office work with our comprehensive billing software that addresses all your hospital’s billing needs.

Healthstack Modules

this module allows the facility's IT Manager, administer the platform, this includes employee records management and location management. The facility admin can create a new employee record this automatically created the employee profile and login credentials, update employee record and set user roles for the employee. The locations are like the different departments or office locations at the facility, admin can create new and modify locations

This module will manage the financial aspects of the facility. The features in this module include creating billable services, billing clients for different services, managing client wallets,   payment acceptance, managing HMO accounts and reporting. Services includes general services like registration, card fee, consultations etc., other services include bed spaces, feeding, laboratory tests, radiology tests, prescriptions and a lot more. These services are called billable services because they have set prices and clients will be charged to access one to many services. Create bill order will allow the user bill clients for service(s) that they are to purchase at the facility. Create bill will provide a detailed of all charges and a total bill for which the client is to make payment. When a client is ready to make payments for the bill they received, the billing officer can accept payment from the different payments modes available on the platform to make a deposit in the client's wallet and the payment is made from this wallet. Clients can have four billing modes or options (HMO, cash, company and family cover), at the point of creating a bill, user should make sure to choose the most suitable billing mode as directed by the client for that transaction. HMO transactions can be  Processed at the end of the month in the managed care module. All financial activities can be audited and reports created for all collections and revenues at that facility.

Managed care module helps HMO's transform its core business operations and interaction with various stakeholders such as staff, enrollees (individual, family, and corporate), and providers.
The module will help
- Increasing transparency of claims submission and cost
- Increasing the efficiency of claims processing and adjudication
- Improved verification of client presence at provider facilities
- Streamline and improve clinical care management of clients.
- Elimination of ambiguous and irrelevant claims that do not match clinical diagnosis.

the client module will enable medical records manage client/patient records and manage appointments using the scheduler system. Client records can be created using the create new client form, it can be updated using the clients details-modify form and the client record can be deleted. Also, the scheduler allows user to create an appointment for the client and to modify or delete an appointment. Lastly, clients can be billed in this platform, for general and administrative services.

The client module is enabled for users in a facility such as Front Desk, Administrative staff, Nurses and Doctors.

this module will manage all clinics that are available at the facility. Doctors and nurses can document and attend to clients. Nurses can create nursing notes, record vitals, fluid intake/output, etc. and doctors can create clinical notes, progress notes, doctors notes etc. Also, doctors can easily send out prescriptions to an in-house or third party pharmacy, same for lab requests. Admission requests can be created to be sent to the wards. Doctors can use the teleconsultation feature to add other physicians or specialists to a consultation.

The ward module manages in-patient care, allows user to report the client's status and manage bed space whilst in admission. Outpatient doctors can send an admission request within the facility and from third party facilities. The nurses and doctors can create reports documenting all treatments, diagnosis, medication etc. Users can view all past and current patients in admission and discharged patients list

the documentation features allows the clinical and lab users to report clients current status, diagnosis, progress, medications, diagnostic reports, ward reports etc. These reports are saved into the client's medical history, this history can be likened to a patient's folder in the paper filing system. Documentation allows physicians  and other healthcare professionals to collaborate and communicate better about the client's previous, current and future treatments.

the telemedicine module will enable facilities to provide telemedicine services to their clients and support collaboration between various other physicians and specialists at different facilities anywhere in the world.

The radiology module enables the facillity user to manage a radiology department as in-house or third party radiology services provider. The radiology user can view all radiology requests sent from the clinics and create documentations to report findings. In this Module, users can bill and accept payments for all radiology services and create radiology reports. Reports from digital equipments used in the radiology department can be feed directly into the Healthstack platform, images can be added (saved) in the client's record.

the laboratory Module is a laboratory information system to manage a diagnostic laboratory. Doctors will send lab requests from clinics to an in-house or third party laboratory and  laboratory users can visit all lab requests sent. Laboratory users can bill a client for a laboratory services and accept payment for the bill. Can view patient history and create laboratory results. The laboratory results status allows user to view all results created and modify.

Doctors will send prescription orders to the pharmacy. A pharmacy can be in-house or third party pharmacy. In the pharmacy module, users can bill clients for prescriptions, accept payment, dispense pharmacy products from inventory. Also, this Module allows users to manage inventory for medication/products.

the inventory system will enable facilities manage medications or billable medical products. Users can manage billable products via the enter products feature, i.e. enter products, set price, set batch, audit and set reorder level for the product.

all surgery appointments will be managed in this module. Clients booked for the different surgical services at the facility can be viewed. All reports documenting the surgical requirements and processes can be managed here. Theater rooms can be managed to avoid clashing or unavailability due to poor scheduling

the immunization Module will manage all immunization and vaccination services at a facility. All registered clients records of all immunizations and vaccinations taken can be updated, schedules for boosters or further doses will be set and signals can be sent to the client.

this module will enable registered clients at a facility to manage their medical reports, schedule an appointment and make payments for services they have accessed. Patient can also access health information that will encourage them practice  self-care

User Profile are created during the setup of a facility. The user profiles for admin is manages other user profiles e.g. employees and medical records or admin will manage clients user profiles.

the report feature is available in all modules of the Healthstack platform, users can create reports detailing revenues from different accounts at the facility, reports from the attend to client feature, diagnostic reports s, prescription requests and dispensary, inventory report etc. Users will be able to create new report, modify report, delete and print reports.

this module is for disease surveillance and signalling. This is feature is the public health module of the Healthstack platform, there clinicians at a facility can create case definitions based on frequently recorded diseases cases that the clinician may suspect to be a likely health problem for the community or state. Case definitions for an infectious or communicable disease will be set and the user can send signals to the appropriate public health authority at different levels. A dashboard showing various signals within a location using Artificial Intelligence (AI), data collected from different facilities can be analysed to inform decision making regarding potential epidemics. This feature improves reporting of serious clinical symptoms, tracks mobility of infectious diseases, improve decision making and spread of these diseases.

this module is a knowledge system where health professionals can access clinical definitions, access trainings and certifications in a specific knowledge area.

this Module is a community for researchers, medical professionals to access medical research on a clinical area and share data that can improve efficiency in the delivery of care.

Simple and Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Healthstack helps healthcare organizations use technology to offer joyful client-centric care while being efficient and improving their profitability  at almost zero cost to their organizations.